Gina and Amy Hate Terry's Book | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

25 mrt. 2021
131 487 Weergaven

Terry is writing his daughters a children's book but Gina and Amy aren't happy with the similarities between themselves and the characters.
Season 2, Episode 11 "Stakeout" - Charles and Jake's relationship is impacted during an eight-day stakeout in close quarters; Rosa takes notice of Capt. Holt's nephew (Nick Cannon).
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  • I miss ginaaaa!!

    camcamMaand geleden
  • The most annoying thing is that Gina is this person irl.

    Dendra7Dendra7Maand geleden
    • Is she? I didn't know that

      stanley timestanley timeMaand geleden
  • Why is Jake peralta always in the main story’s in all the episodes?

    Oscar ReedOscar ReedMaand geleden
  • 😂😍 Amy

    MIND the GAPMIND the GAPMaand geleden
  • Squirrel charles and walrus Holt will forever be in my nightmares

    The Lamb SauceThe Lamb SauceMaand geleden
  • 03:02 Gina: now we all gatta sit in it 😂

    Anthony ThompsonAnthony ThompsonMaand geleden
  • "Terry I will not leave your side until there are no secrets between us" - Gina Linetti

    SabitoSabitoMaand geleden
  • Gina and Terry are the most underrated team

    Suraj KarmarkarSuraj KarmarkarMaand geleden
  • 2:08 Hitchcock and Scully rushing to the elevator

    troublemakerARCtroublemakerARCMaand geleden
  • What’s going on with you? Love...

    BWuBWuMaand geleden
  • Even though Season 8 is the last season, we the 99 family will always stick together here in NLworld community and other things as well. Brooklyn Nine-Nine spirit will never die. It's not just a show, it's a community. It's a family. NINE-NINE!

    YourPrinceNXTYourPrinceNXTMaand geleden
    • NINE-NINE!

      Benaja NtumbaBenaja NtumbaMaand geleden
    • I appreciate the advice, Taker. Always nice to find a WWE fan in other places.

      YourPrinceNXTYourPrinceNXTMaand geleden
    • Also big up Finn Balor

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
    • Let’s get them to 999999 subscribers!

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
    • NINE-NINE!

      Abdul MuizAbdul MuizMaand geleden
  • Note to self: next time I make a cool speech in an elevator, ensure I time the opening of the elevator doors correctly to make a cool exit

    Dracofearless23Dracofearless23Maand geleden
  • Amy Santiago is a push over? Pffft. Sounds like me😰

    Ice Bear Panda GrizzIce Bear Panda GrizzMaand geleden
  • Is Terry wrapping the book using the Japanese gift-wrapping technique?

    SonaliSonaliMaand geleden
  • Who is jake in the book

    Alfie Marlton-SmithAlfie Marlton-SmithMaand geleden
  • 0:46 wait, it's just me or the map of Italy on the background is way too old? Isn't it showing the country with the Venezia-Giulia? We lost that territory after WWII....

    Giulio LombardoGiulio LombardoMaand geleden
  • 2:08 poor Hicthkoock and Scully, they are behind. :D

    NoobMaster 69NoobMaster 69Maand geleden
  • Hippo Hitchcock and Scully will give me nightmares

    Im no oneIm no oneMaand geleden
  • I can't be the only one who thinks that Terry's artistic side is very underrated

    Choke On That Agust DChoke On That Agust DMaand geleden
    • I think they should explore that side of him more

      Callan FlanaganCallan Flanagan11 dagen geleden

      zedd playzzedd playzMaand geleden
    • And my fatass finally can relate with him, i always hate when people asking questions while im drawing

      Cpt MintyCpt MintyMaand geleden
  • 1:58 😪

    Mr BanterMr BanterMaand geleden
  • Honestly, i am glad gina is gone. That character and the actress aren't funny at all. Have you seen her standup? By herself she is as unfunny as oat meal, like a female michael meyers.

    SlaangorSlaangorMaand geleden
  • 2:07 Hitchcock and Scully running towards the elevator XD

    Suraj PhalodSuraj PhalodMaand geleden
  • Hitchcock just missed the lift at 2:08

    Manav ManglaniManav ManglaniMaand geleden
    • And skully

      Alfie Marlton-SmithAlfie Marlton-SmithMaand geleden
  • Can someone please explain why there’s 2 Brooklyn 99 channels?

    Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
  • Did anyone notice the producer's name is 0:05 *Norm Hiscock* Like in 'Norm' Scully and 'Hitchock'.

    Loony MavenLoony MavenMaand geleden
    • @Sonali Hitchcock is named after Mike Scully

      Lukasz WodzynskiLukasz WodzynskiMaand geleden
    • And I guess Michael Hitchcock is named after Michael Schur.

      SonaliSonaliMaand geleden
    • Yeah cause the character is named after him only

      Mishka MaheshwariMishka MaheshwariMaand geleden
  • "How do they deficate?" "IT'S A KiD'S BOOK SANTIAGO!!!" 😆😆😆

    Loony MavenLoony MavenMaand geleden
    • @e defecate* at least do it right lmao

      DannywGPDannywGP23 dagen geleden
    • *defocate

      ee29 dagen geleden
    • I want the answer since 1998 (catdog)

      gamerstime 127gamerstime 127Maand geleden
  • Poor jake not in the book

    Finlay CampbellFinlay CampbellMaand geleden
  • "None of your business - the most enticing words a person can say" ~ (Gina Linetti, 2021) WORDS OF WISDOM FROM THE QUEEN HERSELF

    phalak dhakaphalak dhakaMaand geleden
  • I just love Brooklyn nine nine and ur content Who's excited for season 7 on Netflix tommorow?

    itz_abbieitz_abbieMaand geleden
    • @Mark Calloway dose Czech Republic count?

      Flight EditsFlight EditsMaand geleden
    • @Flight Edits for uk people

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
    • @Munchkin S thx I've heard of a few people that amy get pregnant lol

      itz_abbieitz_abbieMaand geleden
    • @Flight Edits ya

      itz_abbieitz_abbieMaand geleden
    • TOMMOROW?!?!?!?!

      Flight EditsFlight EditsMaand geleden
  • can we get that book pls

    Erlangga SaputraErlangga SaputraMaand geleden
  • Is No one talking about hitchcock and scully trying to catch up with terry

    OSASOB 007OSASOB 007Maand geleden
  • Waiting for season 8

    Tanmay DoshiTanmay DoshiMaand geleden
    • Not long 👀

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
  • Wow only one dislike!

    CarcajouCarcajouMaand geleden
  • Amy: ooh what’s this? LITTREEALY 2 minutes later Amy: how do they defecate

    Agent CoulsonAgent CoulsonMaand geleden

      Jason JonesJason JonesMaand geleden
  • Gina and amy are polar opposites

    DatGrooveDatGrooveMaand geleden

    Adrian WongAdrian WongMaand geleden
  • I'll be missing this

    lesgomigzlesgomigzMaand geleden
  • squirrel charles is absolutely terrifying

    Victória SandreVictória SandreMaand geleden
    • Walrus Holt is nightmare fuel!

      Zach BrookesZach BrookesMaand geleden
    • theyre all terrifying

      Lucca TabarLucca TabarMaand geleden
  • I wonder who jake is from the storybook

    SwathiSwathiMaand geleden
    • The magic moose duh

      YamiKaiba 768YamiKaiba 768Maand geleden
  • Perfect

    Ali MirzaAli MirzaMaand geleden
  • Jajajjaja clásic of terry

    Ricardo CastañedaRicardo CastañedaMaand geleden
  • The greatest gift of all A HUG This is gonna stay with me forever

    pranati s pandithpranati s pandithMaand geleden
    • @vib sh 😂😂

      JeongasJeongasMaand geleden
    • Comments on these videos are real Taylor Swift stuff isn't it.

      vib shvib shMaand geleden
    • Especially in 2020/21!

      Zach BrookesZach BrookesMaand geleden
  • I am super early Love from a small NLworldr ❤️

    Aarushi MalviyaAarushi MalviyaMaand geleden
    • @VARUN SINGH it is nice that you have spread some positivity ❤️😀❤️ made me very happy

      Aarushi MalviyaAarushi MalviyaMaand geleden
    • @VARUN SINGH thank you so much dear❤️❤️ your comment made my day ❤️

      Aarushi MalviyaAarushi MalviyaMaand geleden
    • @Mark Calloway thank you so much for subscribing and supporting my small channel. It really means a ton ❤️❤️❤️

      Aarushi MalviyaAarushi MalviyaMaand geleden
    • @VARUN SINGH I agree, can be a toxic place so good that you’ve spread some positivity

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
    • @Mark Calloway thanks man. nice to have a compliment on internet now and then

  • this is one of my favourite episodesssss!!!❤️❤️❤️

    jacob sherlock peraltajacob sherlock peraltaMaand geleden
  • This channel is just gonna upload clips until we‘ll be able to watch the whole series here

    swbfexplosionswbfexplosionMaand geleden
    • And we are all so happy about it. its perfect. lmao

      Swav BowssSwav BowssMaand geleden
    • @Harsh Naresh I saw it for the first time

      vib shvib shMaand geleden
    • And I ain't complaining

      박Nana박NanaMaand geleden
    • That's the plan 😂

      persy5persy5Maand geleden
    • And this is the 15th video I’ve seen this comment 😶

      Harsh NareshHarsh NareshMaand geleden
  • pantsuit of armor

    Ivana VIvana VMaand geleden
  • Can this get the most liked comment on this video

    Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryMaand geleden
    • @Mark Calloway can't wait

      Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryMaand geleden
    • @Freddie Mercury glad you enjoy them , posting one each Saturday until season 8 then I’ll make be more consistent

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
    • Maybe, but it sure doesn't deserve to

      Mr BanterMr BanterMaand geleden
    • @Mark Calloway I enjoy watching the Brooklyn 99 vids every day I watch your videos while eating dinner

      Freddie MercuryFreddie MercuryMaand geleden
    • @Freddie Mercury thank you very much :)

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
  • i miss Gina so much :(

    Santiago BetancurSantiago BetancurMaand geleden
    • she’s so cute

      busy365busy365Maand geleden
    • same😭😭

      jacob sherlock peraltajacob sherlock peraltaMaand geleden
  • This show is the best

    Skitzy5500Skitzy5500Maand geleden
    • ❤️❤️

      jacob sherlock peraltajacob sherlock peraltaMaand geleden
    • 10000000000000000%

      Your L0cal fn sweaterYour L0cal fn sweaterMaand geleden
    • 100%

      Samuel SalazarSamuel SalazarMaand geleden
    • Agree

      Samuel SalazarSamuel SalazarMaand geleden

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