Is the Disco Strangler Dead? | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

24 apr. 2021
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Holt is told his nemesis, the Disco Strangler, is dead but he has a hard time believing it's true.
Season 6, Episode 8 "He Said, She Said" - Jake and Amy investigate a difficult "he said, she said" case, and Holt becomes suspicious after learning his lifelong arch nemesis died in a prison transport accident.
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  • He looks old and sweet - "Sweet like poison pie" BARS😂

    Christian KambaleChristian KambaleDag geleden
  • I love it when he's happy, he's like a happy da- captain, definitely wasn't gonna say dad.

    Jacob Delos SantosJacob Delos Santos8 dagen geleden
  • I honestly think it would have been better if the Strangler actually WAS dead and the episode had a message about moving on from your past

    TheSilentKingTheSilentKing8 dagen geleden
    • @Eryvac *00 I suppose, but I personally didn't find it funny. A twist should be unexpected but inevitable

      TheSilentKingTheSilentKing4 dagen geleden
    • @TheSilentKing it's subversive for the sake of comedy, you know... Since it's a comedy

      Eryvac *00Eryvac *004 dagen geleden
    • @Eryvac *00 I get that, but for me at least being subversive for the sake of being subversive isn't always good

      TheSilentKingTheSilentKing4 dagen geleden
    • This episode was meant to be a subversion of those tropes

      Eryvac *00Eryvac *004 dagen geleden
  • Do you know what is the most dangerous part of a yo yo "THE STRING"

    Abdur Rahman SakilAbdur Rahman Sakil9 dagen geleden
  • Old Holt is best Holt - Sincerely Ben Kim -

    Ben KimBen Kim10 dagen geleden
  • "but they kept the BS in" One of my favorite holt lines

    RJTheCerealGuyRJTheCerealGuy11 dagen geleden
    • Thanks so much

      Bernny ValenzuelaBernny Valenzuela10 dagen geleden
    • @Bernny Valenzuela it’s an abbreviation of bull sh*t apologies for my late response

      RJTheCerealGuyRJTheCerealGuy10 dagen geleden
    • I'm not a native english speaker, what does BS mean?

      Bernny ValenzuelaBernny Valenzuela10 dagen geleden

    Tukhor HassanTukhor Hassan15 dagen geleden
  • Is it me or does the disco strangler look like a male version of wunch?

    L IL I16 dagen geleden
  • so cute when Holt gasped

    The Crooked HitboxThe Crooked Hitbox17 dagen geleden
  • kinda crazy how young they can make Andre Braugher look with just a wig

    ECEC18 dagen geleden
  • Sweet poison pie

    Nikhil RawatNikhil Rawat19 dagen geleden
  • For God shake , protect the neck

    Louis The MatesLouis The Mates20 dagen geleden
  • Lmao 🤣🤣

    pacificnorthwestspotterpacificnorthwestspotter20 dagen geleden
  • the most dangerous part of a io-io.

    mauricio krebsmauricio krebs20 dagen geleden
  • "Zowie, I'm young!"

    dbmag9dbmag920 dagen geleden
  • I dont think he is.. Hmmm

    Officer DabOfficer Dab21 dag geleden
  • where can i watch season 7 bc its not on netflix

    00 700 721 dag geleden
    • @00 7 peacock (US and Canada) netlfix (UK) if you have a vpn

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway20 dagen geleden
    • no but where can i watch it? is it in yourregion on netflix?

      00 700 720 dagen geleden
    • @00 7 are you unable to use a vpn?

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway20 dagen geleden
    • @Mark Calloway germany

      00 700 720 dagen geleden
    • What country you in?

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway20 dagen geleden
  • Bruh I’m still waiting for season 7 in Germany ;-;

    •Happy Account••Happy Account•21 dag geleden
    • Can you not use a VPN?

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway20 dagen geleden
  • Groovy voodoo 😂

    Some GuySome Guy21 dag geleden
  • Where is the part were they catch disco strangler , that was actually the most funny part...

    Randell jonesRandell jones21 dag geleden
  • 2:13 lol

    DatafiendDatafiend21 dag geleden
  • Old person thing ahahahah

    Ej InamargaEj Inamarga21 dag geleden
  • The what was a what😂😂😂

    Saumya DhanishSaumya Dhanish21 dag geleden
  • 0:50 I didn’t think Holt would’ve been a fan of Disco😂😂

    Abdul MuizAbdul Muiz21 dag geleden
  • I love how the disco strangler just assumes that Holt said “Punk!!!”😂

    Abdul MuizAbdul Muiz21 dag geleden
  • Holt gasp when he's receiving the fax are PURE GOLD😂😂

    Timoty SinulinggaTimoty Sinulingga21 dag geleden
  • "my only nemesis now...father time" I see you've forgotten about madeline wuntch

    The Lamb SauceThe Lamb Sauce22 dagen geleden
  • The legendary Captain HOLT

    Muktha KrishnaMuktha Krishna22 dagen geleden
  • PUNK

    Serkan ErgülSerkan Ergül22 dagen geleden
  • It's weird that Charles was doubting that the disco strangler was alive seeing as he was the one who arrested the elderly bank robber and no one believed him

    Agent PearAgent Pear22 dagen geleden
  • What if Father Time is actually another one of Holt's enemies and averyone misinterpreted him

    Cameron MonaghanCameron Monaghan22 dagen geleden
    • That would be an arc I'll love, father time vs Holt

      Emmanue Jose Manzanilla RamirezEmmanue Jose Manzanilla Ramirez21 dag geleden
  • Charles: I've made love to many of them Holt: *nods thoughtfully*

    Althaea the Wizard?Althaea the Wizard?22 dagen geleden
  • Why didn't yall include when they actually catch the disco strangler?

    ShanShan22 dagen geleden
  • PUNK!!

    CypherCypher22 dagen geleden
  • I still haven’t finished Season 7 cause I don’t want to run out of episodes. Im scared dude

    Kinang EagleKinang Eagle22 dagen geleden
  • Groovy voodoo 😂

    Shirley FungShirley Fung22 dagen geleden
  • Boyle: I have made love to many [senior citizens] Holt: nods*

    PhrophetsamPhrophetsam22 dagen geleden
  • Terry ❤️ YOGURT

    MIND the GAPMIND the GAP22 dagen geleden
  • When is season 8 coming out ??

    Emaan HEmaan H22 dagen geleden
    • Autumn this year

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway20 dagen geleden
  • I love how chill the doctor is.

    Connor ThompsonConnor Thompson22 dagen geleden
  • Me whenever someone get’s karma thrown at them like a cannon ball to the stomatch: 0:36

    Douglas BonbeckDouglas Bonbeck22 dagen geleden
  • “That’s a nice thought for an idiot to have” -Raymond “velvet thunder” Holt

    Titan SoppoTitan Soppo22 dagen geleden
  • I love that at the end holt just love being right

    Johny AlamilloJohny Alamillo22 dagen geleden
  • They didn't include the conversation he has with the strangler once he catches him 😂😂😂

  • "His *Groovy* *Voodoo* "

    Loony MavenLoony Maven22 dagen geleden
  • "Sir, I'm the first to tout the capabilities of senior citizens. I've made love to many."

    Pushkar SinghPushkar Singh22 dagen geleden
  • Disco will never die

    BDG JARVOBDG JARVO22 dagen geleden
  • Ooooh yeaaaah

    Night-WolfNight-Wolf22 dagen geleden
  • "They just took the breathing tube out..." "But they left the bs in?!!" 😂😂😂

    Simon AbcedeSimon Abcede22 dagen geleden
  • "It's over disco man, Put down the YOYO and back away from the girl"- Captain Holt , season 1

    samsam22 dagen geleden
  • 40th

    Batmanlava 1Batmanlava 122 dagen geleden
  • Raymond's laugh is so natural. He is such an amazing character. He can somehow be the most dramatic and least dramatic person at the same time. Raymond is a legend. As much as I love Jake, give Raymond credit on making Brooklyn Nine-Nine the show that it is.

    YourPrinceNXTYourPrinceNXT22 dagen geleden
    • Factsss

      ShanShan22 dagen geleden
  • Cant wait for season 8 but Ik I’m just gonna binge watch it in like a day😭😂

    The99The9922 dagen geleden
  • 😆

    PARVATHY NKPARVATHY NK22 dagen geleden
  • Holt with the Afro 😂

    Mark CallowayMark Calloway22 dagen geleden

    ReshirexReshirex22 dagen geleden
    • @Mark Calloway :)

      ReshirexReshirex22 dagen geleden
    • Mayor of London! LDN

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway22 dagen geleden
  • "you're lying, you've succumb to his groovy voodoo"

    E-JamesE-James22 dagen geleden
  • There should be a compilation of every single time Holt says "Punk"

    Adrian WongAdrian Wong22 dagen geleden
    • @rafa 02 I posted it last week

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway6 dagen geleden
    • Well, OK... YOU PUNK

      rafa 02rafa 026 dagen geleden
    • @Prerit Kumar hope you enjoy the other b99 content as well :)

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway22 dagen geleden
    • I’m going to make one :)

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway22 dagen geleden
  • I have rewatched this show so much! It never gets old XD

    Willow LucilferWillow Lucilfer22 dagen geleden
  • Crime Solving 101: Whatever Boyle says believe in the opposite to be the truth!!!

    Brandon vethanayagamBrandon vethanayagam22 dagen geleden
  • He very is

    raidenraiden22 dagen geleden
  • 17th

    BulletBullet22 dagen geleden
    • Well done

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway22 dagen geleden
  • “But they left the bs in?” Gets me every time🤣🤣🤣

    324 Miguin324 Miguin22 dagen geleden
  • Disco baby never die

    Ricardo CastañedaRicardo Castañeda22 dagen geleden
  • 13th

    Mikhaela ChavezMikhaela Chavez22 dagen geleden
    • Amazing

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway22 dagen geleden
  • How can I have watched this show 14 times and yet it still be so fresh

    Skitzy5500Skitzy550022 dagen geleden
    • Same

      Jerome FernsJerome Ferns21 dag geleden
    • Same

      Vincent KellenVincent Kellen22 dagen geleden
    • Because its good

      AGamer20AGamer2022 dagen geleden
  • Okay now that I saw one scene it's time to go "Hear it again!".

    Aaditya KasibhotlaAaditya Kasibhotla22 dagen geleden
  • "I'm like disco baby, I'll never die 😌" a moment of silence for the disco strangler 😔✊

    Suhani YadavSuhani Yadav22 dagen geleden
    • @Suhani Yadav ohh

      BlasterzzBlasterzz20 dagen geleden
    • that’s why a moment of silence for that

      Suhani YadavSuhani Yadav20 dagen geleden
    • @Blasterzz ik but I’m saying that the poor guy thought disco would never die But disco did die

      Suhani YadavSuhani Yadav20 dagen geleden
    • @Suhani Yadav Disco Strangler didn't die. He was shown to be alive at the end of the episode.

      BlasterzzBlasterzz21 dag geleden
    • @Blasterzz no no disco died na

      Suhani YadavSuhani Yadav21 dag geleden
  • Season 8 is going to be my life for a year when it comes out

    Ed WheelerEd Wheeler22 dagen geleden
    • @HckPts Yeah it's also the last season of the show from what I've heard

      MicoNicoGDMicoNicoGD2 dagen geleden
    • @HckPts yeah they’ve already confirmed it, can search it on NLworld google etc

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway14 dagen geleden
    • @Mark Calloway whatttttt 10ep only???

      HckPtsHckPts14 dagen geleden
    • @ahmed mahdi yeah it’s 10 episodes

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway20 dagen geleden
    • I’m just sad cuz it’s gonna be 10 or 8 episodes only

      ahmed mahdiahmed mahdi20 dagen geleden
  • Smile Your face deserves it.

    Aditya ThakurAditya Thakur22 dagen geleden
  • The scenes involving the disco strangler in this episode are comedy gold 😂😂

    Sehar JaggiSehar Jaggi22 dagen geleden
    • WHAT ?

      Romain SaviozRomain Savioz21 dag geleden
  • Lol I'm watching this episode right now 🤣 For like the tenth time

    Laila HooleyLaila Hooley22 dagen geleden
  • He isn’t lol

    Ozr02Ozr0222 dagen geleden
  • I love You peralta😍😍

    mathildamathilda22 dagen geleden
  • fifth

    740-Abhishek Pise740-Abhishek Pise22 dagen geleden
    • Seem to be third

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway22 dagen geleden
  • Second bestie

    Fiend HeelFiend Heel22 dagen geleden
    • Gg

      Mark CallowayMark Calloway22 dagen geleden
  • how I Love this show...

    BxkaaaBxkaaa22 dagen geleden