Jake and Amy Discover Charles and Gina are Boning | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

27 mrt. 2021
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Jake and Amy horrified when they accidentally walk in on Charles and Gina together.
Season 2, Episode 5 "The Mole" - When an Internal Affairs investigator reveals that there may be a mole in the precinct, Peralta and Captain Holt must find out who it is before Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch gets wind of the situation.
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  • How could you not include Holt correctly guessing what happened?

    AustinAustin14 uur geleden
  • This Moment when a american os driving german car

    X_RIP TRYHARD_XX_RIP TRYHARD_X14 dagen geleden
  • It's good that they entered the room when they did instead of a few minutes later. Seeing them in the middle of the act would have been much worse.

    Amit BarabiAmit Barabi17 dagen geleden
  • What episode is this

    Max tempsMax temps18 dagen geleden
  • Isn't gina charles' sister?

    ghahaj U7uughahaj U7uu20 dagen geleden
  • The wolf robes... they kill me every time.

    Wayne MurrayWayne Murray21 dag geleden
  • I haven't noticed they were doing car commercial when I watched the first time

    Yunus Emre ÇağanYunus Emre Çağan22 dagen geleden
  • why is Jake angry..? Boyle & Gina should be angry at Jake & Amy instead for butting into the apartment

    Loh Kian YuanLoh Kian Yuan22 dagen geleden
  • Skip to 1:16. The first minute is a Volkswagen ad featuring Jake and Amy.

    Shibin IqbalShibin Iqbal24 dagen geleden

    LucaferLucafer26 dagen geleden
  • So the half of this clip was volkswagen ad

    Sanchir GolfSanchir Golf26 dagen geleden
  • Can we just appreciate that the lies that boyle tells jake sounds like something he would genuinely do

    Hazim FadhilahHazim Fadhilah28 dagen geleden
  • Whoever titled this ‘boning’ understood the assignment perfectly

    Good morning GoodnightGood morning Goodnight28 dagen geleden
  • Shame the show is getting cancelled because of those stupid allegations

    romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboyromaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboyMaand geleden
  • I literally always forget about this subplot.

    KamKamMaand geleden
  • 1:23 Oh yes, best reactions xD

    Ωhmα PlayMaker BeybladeΩhmα PlayMaker BeybladeMaand geleden
  • Somehow the 2 most unlikely people to get together on the show did!

    Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
  • Unexpected

    G EntityG EntityMaand geleden
  • Dat Volkswagen product placement tho

    Darren LeeDarren LeeMaand geleden
  • NLworld : Ah yes lets recommend a random clip that the show posts on youtube to everyone who has already watched the same clip for absolutely no reason

    Fahmy MagdyFahmy MagdyMaand geleden
  • Scandal

    L34K5L34K5Maand geleden
  • A

    L34K5L34K5Maand geleden
  • What

    L34K5L34K5Maand geleden
  • It so weird that this is a commercial

    Uncle IrohUncle IrohMaand geleden
  • Did she just litter?

    RahulRahulMaand geleden
  • YA but do you have vaccine envy? IF you do, call the suicide hotline.

    Ben HuffingtonBen HuffingtonMaand geleden
  • Ugh.... Egh.... Ewww

    Andre LaBeachAndre LaBeachMaand geleden
  • anyone here after they watched brooklyn nine-nine on netflix?

    iiPrimariiiiPrimariiMaand geleden
    • Yes

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
  • "It's everywhere" title of your sextape

    Elian MustafaElian MustafaMaand geleden
  • Get in I always thought he was gay

    Shane AliShane AliMaand geleden
  • Boy on top 😂

    Frank BeansFrank BeansMaand geleden
  • When is the next season coming?

    Yash ChavanYash ChavanMaand geleden
    • @Yash Chavan if you want to see some behind the scenes I’ve posted a new video of some of them :)

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
    • @Mark Calloway thank you

      Yash ChavanYash ChavanMaand geleden
    • Late 2021

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
  • lol when they cut to the shot of the steering wheel controls the engine is off and the car is stopped.

    Jurgen DXJurgen DXMaand geleden
  • BONING is such a weird word

    Permission ChessPermission ChessMaand geleden
  • Boring or boning?

    Perth PetePerth PeteMaand geleden
  • Cringe

    Pemandangan TubePemandangan TubeMaand geleden
  • Work place bone buds

    OvcharkaOvcharkaMaand geleden
  • So bad

    Wake People Up.Wake People Up.Maand geleden
    • Oh ok I under stand everyone is different....

      Jet 001Jet 001Maand geleden
    • @Jet 001 Watched multiple episodes, not my thing

      Wake People Up.Wake People Up.Maand geleden
    • No it’s not it’s a really great show but this may not be the best first sight

      Jet 001Jet 001Maand geleden
  • Bone Bros

    Oliver SusneaOliver SusneaMaand geleden
  • For someone who meticulously researches every decision she makes, she mad a terrible choice when buying a car...

    FormulaFish15FormulaFish15Maand geleden
  • What ep is this??

    Arshdeep SinghArshdeep SinghMaand geleden
  • Even Gina said Ew HAHAHAH

    Joana AnesJoana AnesMaand geleden
  • Nice VW ad...

    TulliusTulliusMaand geleden
  • Gotta love that Volkswagen ad.

    qfor qhaqweqfor qhaqweMaand geleden
  • This brilliant

    QueenyQueenyMaand geleden
  • Holt voice: "BOOOOOOOONE!"

    Charlotte MundayCharlotte MundayMaand geleden
  • Plot Twist It wasn't chalk on his hands

    AkatoshAkatoshMaand geleden
  • They're what?? Don't you mean, Smooshing booties?

    Yan TerahnYan TerahnMaand geleden
  • 1:11 why did I think the iPhone meme song was going to start

    Emille LeeEmille LeeMaand geleden
  • Gina didn’t change the lock after moving in?

    FlyingcowFlyingcowMaand geleden
  • just make a new season already

    RamyRamyMaand geleden
    • They have started filming again today

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden
  • Season and episode?

    Sunny sunSunny sunMaand geleden
  • Kind of a coincidence that the newest video is from the episode I just got onto. In 20 minutes it will be the episode I watched an episode before... I HAVE FINISHED SEASON 1 AND WILL FINISH SEASON 2 TOMORROW!

    Allosaurus58392Allosaurus58392Maand geleden
  • the fact that even when they burst into them mid bone gina doesn't even look phased

    Liz-Maria JoseLiz-Maria JoseMaand geleden
  • Your the best big brother I could’ve ever asked for

    Ivan RenovIvan RenovMaand geleden
  • Bone bros

    Jovan LaiJovan LaiMaand geleden
  • Why is there 2 b99 channels

    Mustang _Mustang _Maand geleden
    • I have been asking for so long! I think it’s maybe because fox used to air Brooklyn 99 so there’s a fox account and a nbc account

      Mark CallowayMark CallowayMaand geleden

    TheSimplePlotTheSimplePlotMaand geleden
  • Can you tell me, who is her name on thumbnail please? Thanks.

    ATEATEMaand geleden
  • Spoiler on YT's main page...

    Qbi WanQbi WanMaand geleden
  • I need the name of that song 01:20 pls HELP ME!!!

    Random DudeRandom DudeMaand geleden
  • 1:25....it's not ginna but a mannequin or CGI..or smthng..but surely a fake face.!....pause it and see if you don't believe me....it's on the thumbnail too

    Shiva SaketShiva SaketMaand geleden
  • i'm in the middle of rewatching b99 for god knows how many times...why am i still watching these videos😂

    crimsonbaycrimsonbayMaand geleden
    • same

      Сергей БулычевСергей Булычев16 dagen geleden
  • Gina look better in that robe them Charles, althought they're cut matching

    Raúl BetancourtRaúl BetancourtMaand geleden
  • Smooshing booties

    natbarronnatbarronMaand geleden
  • This show is just one of them things that you never want to end

    Josh SloanJosh SloanMaand geleden
  • What obvious product placement 😂

    rudraksh mahajanrudraksh mahajanMaand geleden
  • i know that's Gina's character, but I always thought it was super mean for Gina to go "eww" whenever her sexual relationship with Boyle was mentioned. Boyle deserves better :(

    ErdnussbuttertoastErdnussbuttertoastMaand geleden
    • Yeah, she’s a pretty horrible character tbh. She sexually harasses Terry too

      AlphaDeltAlphaDeltMaand geleden
  • Gina was the best

    John BushJohn BushMaand geleden
  • Hell yeah !

    Kebab ChiKebab ChiMaand geleden
  • Nice robes, I like them

    Raúl BetancourtRaúl BetancourtMaand geleden
  • If someone brought something covered in powder sugar into my new car I would probably kill them 😂

    NNMaand geleden
  • Ughhh... Eghh... Ewww...

    Peter LimPeter LimMaand geleden
  • Boy on top 😂

    jay Aych arejay Aych areMaand geleden
  • Prenatal yoga class?!?!?! 😂😂😂😂

    Vicky 12Vicky 12Maand geleden
  • Wait, you don't put chalk on your hands if you're just tumbling.

    Joseph BevanJoseph BevanMaand geleden

    Kyung-wan YooKyung-wan YooMaand geleden
  • E... Ew?

    yeet mageetyeet mageetMaand geleden
  • Out of character moment for Amy. She would have thrown the donuts in the trash and not on the street.

    The MaraudersThe MaraudersMaand geleden
  • *Get caught* Charles: 😮 Gina: 🙃

    FKA DragonSUNGodFKA DragonSUNGodMaand geleden
  • I so wanna like Boyle, because he is a good guy, but these things make is so difficult.

    Abhishek DharAbhishek DharMaand geleden
  • Ewwwwwww....

    M. Hamza KhalidM. Hamza KhalidMaand geleden
  • Volkswagen das auto

  • ginas face on the thumbnail looks like wanns join in

    EnvyMapleEnvyMapleMaand geleden
  • his lies are so boyle

    Pranav PushkarPranav PushkarMaand geleden
  • "This is a new car, I won't have you Jake-it-up with donut powder"

    Viki LauvrysViki LauvrysMaand geleden
  • f brokelin 89 (im on massive drugs rn)

    Ella TeasdaleElla TeasdaleMaand geleden
  • 😂😂😂

    LucaFut FCLucaFut FCMaand geleden
  • Do you already have the seventh season of Brooklyn 99 on Netflix? Já tem a 7° temporada de Brooklin 99 na Netflix?

    LucaFut FCLucaFut FCMaand geleden
  • "It's my voice spy"

    series addictedseries addictedMaand geleden
  • almost made me wna buy a VW

    GOTPink is the realest ships everGOTPink is the realest ships everMaand geleden
  • i have seen all of b99 but i don’t remember this

    OliviaOliviaMaand geleden
    • It's from 2x5 "the mole"

      series addictedseries addictedMaand geleden
  • Honestly I felt bad for amy when the donut powder got everywhere

    The Lamb SauceThe Lamb SauceMaand geleden
    • @The Lamb Sauce The situation wouldn't even have happened if Amy wasn't such a cleanass dork.

      BlasterzzBlasterzzMaand geleden
    • @Blasterzz it's hard to say who actually caused it. Yes, amy hit jake's hand but the whole situation could have been prevented if jake hadn't brought out the donut

      The Lamb SauceThe Lamb SauceMaand geleden
    • She caused the mess tho

      BlasterzzBlasterzzMaand geleden
  • Where is the SEASON 8.......!

    Arthur FleckArthur FleckMaand geleden
  • That small doughnut has a lot of powder.

    Gillian DizonGillian DizonMaand geleden
  • Love Jake and Amy’s reaction at 1:23

    Tom AgarTom AgarMaand geleden
    • Same with 1:34, 1:44 and 1:03

      Tom AgarTom AgarMaand geleden
  • eeewh gross right guys ? XD charles get me everytime

    Gojou satoruGojou satoruMaand geleden
  • 1:53 Why is amy shocked about the made up story of the cooking class ??

    kevin georgekevin georgeMaand geleden
  • so you two are FriBens

    leniel dela torreleniel dela torreMaand geleden
  • They are BONE BROS!!!

    Adish JainAdish JainMaand geleden